Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

The NPOG-NSA 2022 will be held at Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna, in the building Aula Medica.

Address of Aula Medica main entrance: Nobels väg 6, Solna.

Aula Medica, from 2013, boasts an auditorium with 1,000 seats, offices for about 100 people, 100 conference places, two restaurants and a cafe. Nobel lectures are arranged here, as well as scientific symposia, academic ceremonies and conferences.

More details about Aula Medica at

Aula Medica, a large modern building made of colored glass. Photo.

Local Organizing Committee

Kristina Teär Fahnehjelm
Stefan Löfgren
Jan Ygge
Agneta Wallin
Kerstin Hellgren
Ulrika Lidén
Jonas Blohmé (NSA)
Ulf Dahlstrand (NSA)


Important dates

15 February 2022 - Abstract submission opens.
15 February 2022 - Registration opens.
19 May 2022 - Deadline abstract submission.
1 June 2022 - Notification.
31 July 2022 - Deadline early bird registration.

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